Help! Problem with my Samsung DLP TV

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Help! Problem with my Samsung DLP TV

Mensagem por thompson » 08 Jun 2018, 09:49


I'm having an issue with my Samsung DLP HDTV. Here is the model: HL-S5687W. The issue I'm having is, the TV turns on, and for about 20-30 seconds, I get a picture and sound. Then, the TV shuts off, and the 3 LED lights on the front panel blink. I can turn it off, and back on, same thing happens.Things I've done:
1. I took off the back door, and reseated the lamp (*note: inside the housing for the lamp, there seems to be some black stuff near the filament)
2. Unplugged all connections in the back
3. Plugged into a different power source.
Now, all the manuals point to a problem with the lamp. However, I've been told that a lamp doesn't just suddenly go out. You will notice the picture getting darker and darker before that happens. And since the TV turns on for 20-30 seconds, and I can see a picture, something is telling me it's not the lamp.Now the TV gets heavy usage, and it's been 3 years since purchased. So that makes me lean back towards it being the lamp.

Any help will be apprecited.

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