Classical Music collection syncing

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Classical Music collection syncing

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I have defined my Classical Music collection to include multiple genres (Choral, Symphonic, Piano, etc.), which works great for displaying in MM. I have a Cowon X5 (syncing as a USBMass device), and would like to have the Classical Music sync to a different Destination mask than the Music collection. This works for the genre Classical, but not for the other genres included in my Classical Music collection; the other genres are triggering the Music destination mask instead. I'm running RC, although this also happened on the previous 4.0.7. I''m on Win7 x64. EDIT: For clarification, I also redefined the Music collection to exclude the genres included in Classical Music. Am I missing something? I know I could set up a $if in the Music destination mask, but that seems kludgy. Another possibility might be to use subgenres under the Classical genre, but I haven't been able to find a way to do that either. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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