Issues with Ooma Telo & Internet use

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Issues with Ooma Telo & Internet use

Mensagem por jackneeson » 27 Jun 2018, 09:25


Problem with my ooma telo going on and offline. Thought it was my internet provider (Cox). Cox guy came today and said my internet is working fine. My Ethernet cable goes to my ooma telo, then the Ethernet cable it came with (thin black one) goes from the ooma to my computer. This way I can get online and still have my ooma phone service. When it is set-up this way and I do a speed test These are my results: Ping 22 (bad), latency 326.5 ms (bad), Download 12.04, Upload 0.36 (bad). When I disconnect the ooma and plug my Cable Ethernet directly into my computer from my modem I get these results on speed test: latency 62, Download 31.6 and Upload 6.96. I think the ooma telo is defective. Any thoughts??? I don't have wifi router and not planning to get on anytime soon.

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