Cannot connect to wifi Ubuntu 16.04

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Cannot connect to wifi Ubuntu 16.04

Mensagem por spadekevin » 28 Jun 2018, 09:58


Before I upgraded, I was running 14.04 and it was running fine until a couple days ago when the wifi stopped working on that device, all other devices, including Windows 10 on the same laptop worked fine.
I did a fresh install of Ubuntu 16.04 and the same problem persists. I can see my wifi network, among the others from my neighbors but I cannot connect to the network. Using the lshw -c network command it shows that ubuntu identifies the card. It is Wireless 7265 of the Intel Corporation. I don't know what the issue is as I couldn't even figure it out in 14.04. As I said before, 14.04 was done for about a month before it stopped working out of nowhere?

Please help.

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