Gamecube Problems: no games for me?

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Gamecube Problems: no games for me?

Mensagem por thompson » 08 Jun 2018, 09:48


So I've had my Gamecube (platinum, if it makes a difference--were there any hardware changes?) for a couple of weeks now, and haven't had any problems until today. The problem: games don't read. When the 'cube is turned on, it displays the boot (cube rolling around) screen, but doesn't display the game.Things I've tried:
switching video cables (from generic s-video back to nintendo composite)
switching displays (from 2000fp to tv)
multiple discs (does it with Metroid and Monkey Ball)
booting with no disc (it will boot to the menu, and will even read which disc is in when you go to that section, but won't play the game)Anybody have any ideas?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.


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