CS 1.3 video problem

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CS 1.3 video problem

Mensagem por thompson » 08 Jun 2018, 09:47


the story: after i got rid of my voodoo3 3500 (which ran CS beautifully), i went through 5 different cards, eventually ending up using the ATI radeon 64 ddr vivo. the only reason i didn't try another one is b/c i ran out of money. so the problem was, every single card i tried, CS would crash, giving me an application error in hl.exe. i finally decided that it probably wasn't the card, b/c they all had to same issue, and i thought that maybe it was my chipset (amd 751/756, i have an athlon 750 w/ 512 mb ram). well, now the program doesn't crash, it just freezes. so i went out and found the "omega drivers" for my ati card. still issues. then i found the ati overflow patch for half life. that seemed to fix it. but here's the problem now.
i install half life off of my disc. i install the update off of my hard drive, and the CS 1.3 update. then i install the ati patch. now i go to play. i can play fine the first few times... say 2 or 3. then, all of a sudden, all the test in the console and in the game will be "static-ey" is the best way to describe it. it looks like the tv when you turn the channel to a scrambled channel. and so i quit the game, and then restart it, hoping that i fixed it. nope. now when i try to join to the game, it freezes after i click "join game" on the "loading..." screen. a log off doesn't help, and a reboot doesn't help. if i uninstall everything, and reboot, it works again. until it stops... i run in opengl 800x600 (1024x768 crashes for some reason...), but the same thing happens w/ directx and software.btw: i'm running win2k sp2, updated drivers on everything except the video card (using the omega drivers).any clue what the hell is going on? it's really pissing me off that i can't play CS...

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.


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